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  • Mota - Apple Hard Candies

    Mota – Apple Hard Candies


    In stock

  • Black Clear Sphere

    Mota – Black Clear Sphere


    Only 2 left in stock

  • Mota - Soda Bottles

    Mota – Blue Raspberry Soda Bottles


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  • Canna Cocoa Mix

    Mota – Canna Cocoa


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  • Girl Scout Cookies

    Girl Scout Cookies AAAA

  • Grape Gas

    Grape Gas AAAA

  • Lemon Diesel strain


    Lemon Diesel AA (Oz Speical)

  • Miami White strain

    Miami White AAA

  • Peyote Cookies

    Peyote Cookies AAAA

  • Super Silver Haze Strain

    Super Silver Haze AA

  • Vanilla Kush

    Vanilla Kush AAA


    Out of stock

  • Blue Dragon Desert Frost CBD

    Blue Dragon Desert Frost CBD AA

  • Gush OG

    Gush OG AA


    Out of stock

  • Hawaiian Pie

    Hawaiian Pie AAA

  • Alien Orange Cookies AA

  • Banana Kush

    Banana Kush AAA



We carry Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and CBD vapes. Shop all of our vapes with the button below.

  • Cannaisseur Distillate Pens
  • Days Weed Pen - Jack Herer
  • Days Weed Pen - Northern Lights

    Days Weed Pen – Northern Lights


    Only 1 left in stock

  • Days Weed Pen - Og Kush

    Days Weed Pen – Og Kush


    Only 2 left in stock




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Got Concerns?

Concerned About Buying Marijuana Online?

Exclusivebud.com understand Canadians concerns about buying marijuana online. We are passionate about great marijuana products and the legal distribution of medicinal marijuana. We bring a level of professional secure commerce, responsibility and innovation into a flooded sector that recently didn’t even exist. It’s very difficult to put a money back guarantee on consumables, but in our companies values it exists. Mail Order Marijuana with delivered-to-your-door service is really just the same evolution of commerce that we have seen in every other facet of your everyday online life, with the highest available discretion and security and reliability.

We Deliver!

All Products Are Available for Delivery!

The main focus of eCommerce has developed significantly in the last few years, especially in customer service. We pride ourselves with excellent customer service communication and fast responses. Have a question reach out to us our team will contact you immediately. We are safe and secure. We are the people that built the eCommerce apps and websites that millions of people around the world use for their businesses and now we bring security and safety to mail order marijuana. As such, we take every precaution and are extremely proactive in securing our servers, databases and website(s). We unsure a 128 bit encrypted connection, confidential membership systems, reliable delivery and quality products with true to name strains.

Our Guarantee

Best Prices and Quality in Canada.

Canadians have yet to complain about exclusivebud.com’s quality of product. When buying marijuana online in Canada the choices are endless and never ending, however Exclusivebud.com provides quality marijuana in premium packaging with true to name strains and 100% discreet and safe. Now you can buy marijuana and marijuana products online with maximum customer protection, 100% discreet and smell proof. Here at Exclusivebud, all of our strains are true to name, with that being said no strains are made up and they are 100% true to its identity. We strive to maintain the highest quality possible but at a affordable pricing for all recreational and medical consumers.



Answers on how to buy online, payment methods, shipping
and more can be found at our FAQ page.


Answers on how to buy online, payment methods, shipping and more can be found at our FAQ page.

How it Works

How to Buy Weed Online in Canada

It’s never been easier to buy weed & weed products online! We carry a wide selection of marijuana edibles, different and exotic cannabis strains, concentrates, distillates, weed pens and all sorts of cannabis snacks! Simply add each product you want to the shopping cart, enter your information, provide payment and that’s it! No sign up required, no need to wait to get approved but having an account has its benefits of redeeming points when you shop!

Check Out and Create Account

Proceed to checkout with your shopping cart full of marijuana products. Enter listed information, and that’s it you have completed the order.

Payment & Delivery

Pay for your order via interact e-transfer. Once we process your payment, we will ship your order. Online dispensary shipping is secure, discrete and best of all orders over $150.00 shipping will be on us! All orders are shipped x-press post and arrives generally in 2-3 days depending on you location.

Custom & Large Order

Want to order a bigger amount than listed on our site? Or want to have multiple strains custom made? Send us a email at [email protected] we will try to accommodate your request to the best of our ability.

Got Questions?

Email us at [email protected]