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Og Shark


“Og Shark”


• 1 Gram – $7

• 3.5 Grams – $22

• 7 Grams – $44

• 14 Grams – $85

• 28 Grams – $160

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OG Shark is a heavy hitting Hybrid strain known for its potent effects. It has large, dense nugs covered in so many crystals, it glitters. When it comes to treating nausea, this cross of Great White S and OG Kush is tough to beat. It not only quells nausea, it gives your appetite a much needed boost, ideal for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment. If you need daytime relief from pain, this is a great strain option, too much however will leave you wanting to sleep. For patients experiencing symptoms of depression, this hybrid will uplift your mood while taking care of the body pain associated with this disorder. Stress doesn’t stand a chance against this euphoric and happy strain, anytime you need a pick me up, OG Shark will keep you lifted!


Best Smoked: Day Or Night


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