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Super Lemon Og
Super Lemon Og

Super Lemon Og


“Super Lemon Og”


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Super Lemon OG, is a hybrid cannabis strain, 70/30 Indica. The THC level ranges between 17 and 24 percent with a negligible CBD at just 0.13 percent. All this resin makes buds sticky, and difficult to break apart without a grinder. When buds are broken, however, they give off a sweet and smooth lemon scent. Intact buds also have Kush-like notes of dank earth and musk, balancing out the citrus profile. When smoked, Lemon Kush is notably harsh and expands within the lungs, often inducing coughing. The aftertaste is tangy and citrusy, but without the ammonia or diesel taste that comes with other lemon-inflected strains.


The strain’s THC profile makes it suitable for the medicinal patient and the recreational user, but Super Lemon OG’s smaller CBD profile, like most cannabis strains, is not suitable for some of the more intense disorders like seizures. Strains with higher CBD content have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-anxiety properties. Medical users like the sedative effect of Super Lemon OG that helps with appetite and stress. Other uses include bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, and OCD. People undergoing chemotherapy may appreciate the strain for relieving nausea and increasing appetite.


Best Smoked: Day Or Night



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